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Savvy Pets
Behavioural Vets

Creative solutions for serious behaviour problems - because we all want happy pets.
Sad Dog
You are not alone - behaviour problems are very common

Some important things to remember:

  • This problem probably did not appear overnight. Some problems will take a few months and some effort to improve.

  • Get the right advice - positive, compassionate training will work. Punishment based training has very negative consequences.

  • This is a journey to better wellbeing. You may not feel very positive at the start. That's fair - you had an expectation when you brought your pet into your life. However, many of our clients have stronger relationships with their pets and have thoroughly enjoyed this journey.

Impatient? Want to start now?
Check these handy resources from Fear Free Happy Homes
Philip - once a feral cat

Please tell me about your pet's behaviour problems.

We provide convenient housecall consultations in Sydney and regional visits periodically available.

You are one step closer to solving that problem! 

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