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16.5 mg/mL Synthetic analogue of the Canine Appeasing Pheromone


Pheromones are chemical messengers used for communication between members of a species. The pheromones emitted by one individual can affect and change the behaviour of other individuals of the same species. In mammals, all lactating females release substances called appeasing pheromones, whose function is to calm and reassure the offspring. Canine appeasing pheromones are secreted by the sebaceous glands of the intermammary sulcus in the lactating bitch, These pheromones calm the puppy at times of stress and provide reassurance, particularly in unknown environments and when encountering novel experiences. Research has shown that the reassuring properties of these pheromones persist even into adult age. 
The pheromone in ADAPTIL is a synthetic copy of the natural canine appeasing pheromone. It has a comforting and reassuring role in both puppies and adult dogs. The concentration of pheromone in the air at anyone time is very small and, as pheromones are species-specific, the appeasing pheromone in ADAPTIL will have no effect on humans or other animal species. 
Since pheromones are not systemically absorbed, the absence of toxicity and side effects makes them particularly beneficial to sick or aged pets, and allows for their safe use alone or in combination with psychotropic drug therapy.


ADAPTIL is recommended for the control and management of fear and/or stress-related behaviours in puppies and adult dogs including separation anxiety, destructive behaviour, vocalisation, house-soiling, hypersalivation and excessive licking, sleep disorders, feeding problems and phobias such as fear of thunderstorms and fireworks. ADAPTIL can also help dogs be more responsive to behavioural therapy and training. 
ADAPTIL helps puppies more readily adapt to their new environment after adoption or re-homing. It comforts dogs in new or stressful environments, and helps them to cope more easily with visitors and strangers. ADAPTIL is also useful in reducing anxiety associated with transportation, visits to the vet, and boarding in kennels, and can reduce stress for dogs in a shelter environment.


Remove the vial cap. Screw the diffuser onto the vial and gently tighten. The vial must be used with the ADAPTIL electric diffuser device. Plug the diffuser into a power paint, switch on and leave on continuously day and night for four weeks. The refill should be replaced as required. It should be plugged in low to the ground so that the dog can lie next to it. The diffuser covers an area of 50 to 70 m² and must not be covered, nor placed behind a door or underneath furniture. Replacement of the diffuser every six to 12 months is recommended.

Selling a puppy or adopted dog. If possible, plug in the diffuser in the new environment three to four days before collecting the puppy or dog. Leave the diffuser switched on continuously for four weeks. Replace the refill after four weeks.

Training, socialisation. Plug in the diffuser in the room where training takes place and leave on continuously for four weeks. Plugging in a diffuser can also help a dog react appropriately to new stimuli in the home such as visitors, children and other pets.

Fears, phobias. Plug in the diffuser in the room most used by the dog during the day. Leave it switched on continuously for four weeks. Replace or refill after four weeks if necessary. The use of ADAPTIL may be combined with a behaviour modification program. The length of treatment may need to be adjusted depending on the nature or cause of the fear.

Fear of noises (e.g. thunderstorms, fireworks). Plug in the diffuser in the room the dog uses to rest and relax at least one week before fireworks are expected, or as soon as thunderstorms are imminent. If the dog always runs to hide in a specific area plug the diffuser in there. Keep the diffuser plugged in continuously during the event. If it is likely that similar events will happen several times in the same period, the diffuser should be left on continuously for four weeks. Replace the refill as necessary.

Use in veterinary practice. Plug in diffusers in the waiting room, consultation rooms, preparation area and kennel areas and leave on continuously. Replace the refills every four weeks.

After hospitalisation. Plug in the diffuser in a room that the dog will use to rest during the recovery period at least three to four days before the dog returns home. Keep the diffuser plugged in continuously for the whole duration of the recovery time.

Boarding areas, kennels. Plug in the diffuser in the new environment and leave it switched on continuously for the duration of the stay. Consider having a diffuser in the home environment when the dog returns.


Presentation Pack (diffuser and vial): 48 mL. Refill (vial): 48 ml. The diffuser is specially designed for this product. The properties of the product cannot be guaranteed if a different device is used.


Store below 25°C (Air Conditioning). Keep out of reach of children.


From Veterinarians (APVMA 59307)


The ADAPTIL electric diffuser device should only be used with the ADAPTIL diffuser formulation. Use of another substance may increase the toxicity or flammability of the product. The ADAPTIL diffuser formulation is specially designed for use with the ADAPTIL diffuser device. The properties of the product cannot be guaranteed if a different device is used.

Precautions: Keep out of reach of children. Ensure the bottle and unit are kept upright at all times. Do not cover the device or place underneath furniture. Do not place near a source of heat or direct sunlight. Switch off the unit when the bottle is empty or has been removed.

Safety directions: During and immediately after use, do not touch the electric diffuser device with your hands. When plugged in, do not touch the device with wet hands or with metal objects. Never insert a refill into the unit while it is connected to a power point. The surfaces of the diffuser device reach high temperatures to encourage evaporation of the active ingredients. These surfaces should not be touched during use of the product. Do not attempt to repair or alter the unit.

Interactions: ADAPTIL may safely be used in combination with psychotropic drug therapy.

Adaptil Diffuser Set

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