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Savvy Pets
Behavioural Vets

Creative solutions for serious behaviour problems - because we all want happy pets.
Are you stressed about your pet's behaviour?

Dog and cat behaviour can be frustrating and unpredictable. And it is profoundly disappointing to have your furry family member wreak havoc in your life, especially when you're already busy - juggling family life, work and everything else life throws at you. Which leaves you questioning "is my pet happy?"

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Let me help you

As a veterinarian and behaviourist, I can look at problem behaviours from all angles to create the most efficient, effective solutions for transforming your troubled pet into your happy, relaxed, enjoyable and trustworthy furry family member 

Ready for a savvy change? 


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Please tell me about your pet's behaviour problems.

We provide convenient housecall consultations in Sydney and regional visits periodically and zoom consultations always available.

You are one step closer to solving

that problem! 

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